IVth Quarter Report

Date: 03/01/2018

Digest of the Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshires activities during the period October to December 2017

Renfrewshire Lieutenancy
Report of the Quarter ending 31st December 2017.

Deputy Lieutenants

The number of Deputy Lieutenants of Renfrewshire remain at 24 to cover the following three areas:-

East Renfrewshire (7)  Renfrewshire (11)  Inverclyde (6)


East Renfrewshire 92,380
Renfrewshire 174,230
Inverclyde 79,860

Royal Visit

There were no Royal Visits to report during the past three months.

Royal Telegrams

Royal Messages of Congratulations were received as follows:-

100th Birthdays Diamond Weddings

3 and 3 

National Honours

Her Majesty The Queen’s New Year 2018 Honours List include the following:-

CVO - 1 (Inverclyde)
MBE - 2 (Giffnock and Newton Mearns)
BEM - 1 (Paisley)


A note of the Lord-Lieutenant’s Diary from October to December, 2017 is as follows:-

2nd October AM Attend opening of Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Exhibition - Dunoon
3rd October PM Present QAVS Award Fairweather Multicultural - Eastwood House
5th October PM Present 2 x Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet Badges - Greenock
10th October AM Scottish Lord-Lieutenants’ Meeting – Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh
11th October PM Deacon Convenors Dinner – Trades House - Glasgow
12th October AM Meeting Provost – Renfrewshire Council
13th October PM University of West of Scotland Anniversary Dinner
14th/15th October AM West Lowland Bn AGM – Nunfield House, Dumfries
16th October AM Meeting with Deputy Lieutenant - Glasgow
17th October AM QAVS Meeting – Beacon Theatre - Greenock
19th October PM Lothian Area RFCA Meeting – 51 Scottish Signal Squadron - Edinburgh
24th October PM Speech – Federation of Scottish Women’s Institute – Gleddoch House
26th October PM Strathclyde RFCA Meeting – Crow Road, Glasgow
31st October PM Border East RFCA Meeting - Galashiels
2nd November AM Meeting East Renfrewshire – Royal Visits
3rd November PM Opening Customs House - Greenock
4th November AM Visit new Robert Burns Museum - Greenock
7th November PM RFCA Meeting Border West - Dumfries
11th November AM Remembrance Service – Erskine Hospital – Lay Wreath
12th November AM Remembrance Sunday - Mearns Cross and Cowan Park, Barrhead
15th November AM Graduation University of West of Scotland
15th November PM Presentation Duke of Edinburgh Award – Greenock Town Hall
16th November PM West College Scotland Graduation – Greenock Town Hall
18th November AM Speech – Jewish Synagogue – Newton Mearns - Glasgow
22nd November PM QAVS Meeting – Accord Hospice - Paisley
25th November PM Toast to St Andrew – Tontine Hotel - Greenock
28th November AM Royal Recce – Royal Blind Building - Paisley
4th December AM Royal Garden Party Meeting – East Renfrewshire
5th ) December RFCA Briefing United Services Club - London
6th ) December RFCA Briefing United Services Club - London
9th December AM 200th Anniversary – Holy Trinity and St Barnabas - Eucharist
11th December AM Scottish Enterprise Meeting – East Renfrewshire
19th December AM Accord Hospice Carol Service & Lunch – Paisley Abbey
20th December PM St Columba’s School Carol Concert - Greenock Town Hall