Fourth Quarter Report

Date: 18/01/2019

Report of the Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshire on his activities during the fourth quarter October to December 2018

The final Quarter of 2018 was busy in Renfrewshire with the usual Christmas Festivities being attended by the Lord-Lieutenant and Deputies.

The Deputy Lieutenants number 22 after the recent appointment of Professor Gordon Masterton OBE in November.

Set out below is the list of engagements carried out by the Lord-Lieutenant during the period:-

October 2018

1st pm Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet Presentation – Army Cadet Erskine Detachment
2nd pm St Vincent’s Hospice AGM
4th am Meeting potential Deputy Lieutenant
8th am St Columba’s School Presentation – Kilmacolm
pm Thanksgiving Service – Sir Eric Yarrow MBE., DL., - Kilmacolm
13th pm Diamond Wedding Anniversary – Presentation – Gourock
15th pm Installation of Summary Sheriff – Paisley
18th am Review Day for DLs – Accord Hospice - Paisley
am London Bridge Committee Meeting
24th pm Attendance & Speech New War Memorial - Inverclyde Academy
25th pm ACF Lothian Area Committee Meeting - Broxburn
28th pm Cadets AGM and Reception – Paisley
31st pm Lieutenancy Speech – Chartroom – Country Club – Inverclyde

November 2018

1st m Strathclyde Area Committee RFCA - Cambuslang
8th am West College Scotland – Business and Technology Awards – Paisley
11th am Kilmacolm War Memorial – Service of Remembrance
am Greenock Wellpark Church – 100th Anniversary of the Armistice
pm Glasgow Cathedral – National Service of 100 years of Armistice
14th pm Victorian Order Dinner – Vintners Hall - London
17th pm Greenock Scouts Gang Show – Beacon Arts Centre - Greenock
20th am Lowland House – Interview potential President - Glasgow
21st am St Ninian’s Primary School – Opening - Gourock
22nd pm Royal British Legion Dinner- Clarkston - Glasgow
25th pm AGM Girl Guiding – Erskine Bridge Hotel
30th pm Unveiing Princess Louise Room – University West of Scotland - Paisley

December 2018

5th am RFCA Annual Meeting - London
6th pm RFCA Board Meeting -Glasgow
8th pm St Columba’s Christmas Sale - Kilmacolm
11th am Dunnachie’s Charity Meeting – 2nd World War Veterans - Glasgow
18th am Accord Hospice Carol Service - Kilmacolm
20th am Ocean Youth Sailing Trust Scotland - Reception – Greenock
21st pm Presentation Queen’s Scout Awards - Kilmacolm